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Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development. The global education development agenda is reflected in the United Nation’s Goal 4 (SDG4) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and adopted by India in 2015 The teacher must be at the centre of the fundamental reforms in the education system because they truly shape our next generation of citizens. It must do everything to empower teachers and help them to do their job as effectively as possible.

Extensive use of technology in teaching and learning is one of the basic principal of National Education Policy 2020 drafted by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The most important factor in the success of higher education institutions is the quality and engagement of its faculty. Empowering the faculty to conduct innovative teaching, research, and service as they see best will be a key motivator and enabler for them to do truly outstanding, creative work.

The recent rise in epidemics and pandemics necessitates that we are ready with alternative modes of quality education whenever and wherever traditional and in- person modes of education are not possible. The existing digital platforms and ongoing ICT-based educational initiatives must be optimized and expanded to meet the current and future challenges in providing quality education for all. Teachers require suitable training and development to be effective online educators. It cannot be assumed that a good teacher in a traditional classroom will automatically be a good teacher in an online classroom.

Further, unless online education is blended with experiential and activity-based learning, it will tend to become a screen-based education with limited focus on the social, affective and psychomotor dimensions of learning.

In this programme faculty members will undergo training in learner-centric pedagogy and on how to become high-quality online content creators themselves using online teaching platforms and tools. There will be emphasis on the teacher’s role in facilitating active student engagement with the content and with each other.

Other details are given in the Brochure and participants can get themselves Register through this portal.

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